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Now in its 47th season, Theatre Direct Canada is one of the country’s leading theatres for young audiences whose award-winning productions have reached audiences in schools and theatres across Canada and the world. 

In addition to creating and producing plays, Theatre Direct collaborates with young people to explore creative ideas. Check out our Creation Warehouse programming to find camps, community events and new play creation opportunities for kids ages 6 – 12.  Teenagers are invited to participate in Next Draft programs which focus on the creative process, playwriting and artist development.

Upcoming, Theatre Direct’s hit production of Finding Home: A Salmon Journey  (winner of Dora Award for Outstanding New Play) will take up residency at Harbourfront Centre, followed by a tour to elementary schools in the GTA, including schools for Deaf children featuring Deaf Shadow Interpretation. 

Theatre Direct is committed to supporting and mentoring emerging artists and producers. We produce an annual theatre festival that premieres original plays for young audiences created by emerging artists called the Forward March Festival. The festival also includes a series of industry opportunities for up-and-coming producers and curators including ASL and Deaf culture workshops as well Indigenous knowledge sharing from elders in the community.

Other emerging artist programs at Theatre Direct include Coffee & Collaborations, a weekly meet up to pitch new work and talk about ideas, and the Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators which offers micro-grants to support new work in collaboration with the Ontario Arts Council.

Theatre Direct is also the producing company for Balancing Act, a national sector-wide initiative striving to create increased accessibility for parents and caregivers in the performing arts. Since 2021, Balancing Act has partnered with over 70 organizations across Canada to pilot strategies of support for artist caregivers. This season, Balancing Act will touch down in Kitchener, Saskatoon, Montreal, Whitehorse and Halifax to Wrap & Unpack findings from our three-year project Level UP!, culminating in a symposium and celebration in Toronto on March 22.

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  • To commission, develop, produce and present theatre for, by, and with, young people that provokes change and inspires imaginations;
  • To explore challenging ideas and subject matter relevant to young people with creativity and consideration;
  • To offer accessible programming that is inclusive of all young people regardless of ability, background and social status.


  • To explore new approaches to the creation, production and presentation of theatre that activates the imaginations and aspirations of young people and puts them directly at the centre of all our work.  


  • Young people have a desire to be part of the theatre we create and present.
  • By interacting with artists and the world around us through theatre, young people will connect more deeply to each other, their stories and their communities.
  • Through experimentation, theatre for young audiences can spark new theatrical forms and invent innovative ways to tell stories.

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