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2023 Recipients of OAC’s RGTC

We’re thrilled to feature Theatre Direct’s 2022/2023 recipients of the Ontario Arts Council’s Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators!

Kenton Blythe
Curious K Explores the Paleozoic

When these best friends’ very friendship is on the rocks, a class trip to the museum finds Emma and Olivia in a hidden room with a … robot that sings songs about the Paleozoic Era – the very topic of their homework! But can they work together to finish their assignment and get back to their class – in time?

Upcoming for Kenton: Kenton has written a kids book called “Pewp”. If people would like to purchase a signed copy for $30 ($25 + $5 Shipping), they can order one by emailing

Brandon Crone
Sincerely The Brunch Club

Sincerely, The Brunch Club is a multimedia play for young audiences about five, trans misfits who find community in a private, online group called The Brunch Club. Here, they connect and support each other while trying to navigate the outside world. When a new member joins the group, a major conflict erupts and challenges the Club to either come to a peaceful resolution or dissolve entirely.

Upcoming for Brandon: safeword, in affiliation with Nightswimming, is producing the audio drama premiere of Wasp of Rhiannon Collett. Follow @safeword.arts on Instagram and Facebook, @whatsyoursafeword on TikTok and YouTube, and subscribe to our newsletter at 

Lindsay Goodtimes

TWINKLE is a fantastical & immersive Suzuki music inspired early years dance experience for 0 – 3 years of age. Twinkle explores themes such as repetition, rhythm, melody, harmony and pro social behavior through a movement lens. This immersive fun tactile world will be a delight for both caregiver and child. 

Upcoming for Lindsay: As well as the creation of Twinkle, Lindsay has her 19th annual secular holiday show @ the Drake Underground Dec 17th ( and Her kids band Space Chums will be playing @ the Tarragon as part of the Sally Stavro Family Series feb 24th 2024 (

Ahlam Hassan

Michael Kras
rip it out of my THROAT

As the 4 idiosyncratic members of the elite competitive vocal quartet at White Oak Secondary prepare for the big provincial competition, they come up against interpersonal tensions, impossible ambitions, untimely vocal injuries, loneliness, anxieties for the future, and the mysterious death of their choir director. Written with each scene marked by its own time signature, ‘rip it out of my THROAT’ is a play about what it means to come of age and have hope – and a voice – while the planet is on fire. 

Upcoming for Michael: “I am currently at work on a new electro-pop musical about social media fame developed at Theatre Aquarius with composer Stephen Ingram, and will soon begin writing new plays for Boca del Lupo in Vancouver, Green Light Arts in Kitchener, and Youtheatre in Montreal.”

Deanna Kruger

My new work is a collaborative performance for young people—a traveling night market hosted by teen storytellers who guide children through an ever-changing and interactive story about community, connection, and collective dreaming. The project, which draws inspiration from tabletop role-playing games, was born out of a desire to involve youth in theatre, not only as audience members, but as valued partners in the creative process.

Khadijah Salawu
The Sun’s Shadow