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Coffee & Collaborations

Are you an emerging artist* with a form-breaking innovative idea you’d like to explore at Theatre Direct?

Connect with us!

Book a time to meet Associate Artistic Director Sehar Bhojani or Company Producer Madeleine Brown. Let’s brainstorm ways we could collaborate on something new and exciting together!

Coffee and Collaborations is a coffee date meet up (virtual or in-person). Connect with Sehar online via Zoom or in-person with Madeleine at Theatre Direct’s headquarters. Introduce yourself as an individual artist, or invite your collaborators to join in the conversation.

Sign-up for available online and in-person time slots by completing the Calendly below:

Contact Madeleine at with any additional questions or for more information.

*Please note we define emerging artists as: anyone who self-identifies as an emerging artist no matter their age, who finds themselves early in their artistic practice.