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Support Exceptional Theatre for Young People and their Families!


Theatre Direct is proud to have the ongoing support from the following government and private partners:

Theatre Direct is a participant in the Arts Endowment Fund established by the Government of Ontario.

We are  grateful to our growing circle of individual donors and members including parents, educators, caregivers and all who, like us, place children at the centre of their lives.

2018-2019 Season Supporters

Kim Barnhardt
Marni Binder
Audrey Fox
John and Susan Goddard
Johnathan Gould
Fanny Guillaut

Larry and Elizabeth Hallok
Lynda Hill
Christine Horne
Kamilah Murray
Miriam Newhouse
Mary O’Connell
Pamela Wilson


2017-18 Season Supporters

Allen MacInnis*
Anahita Azrahimi*
Anne Bezbatchenko*
Andrea Iaboni
Anne Brown
Belarie Zatzman*
Beth Zabloski
Carol Futerman
Carrie Hage
Catherine O’Grady*
Catherine Rowley
Colin Joseph
Dominique Denis*
Fanny Guillaut-Martin
The Holzinger Chang Family*
Heather Fitzsimmons Frey*
Janet Amos
Juli Lyons
Jean Amabile*
Jessica Dargo Caplan
Jenny Emery*
Jonathan Gould
John and Susan Goodard*

Kent Eliuk
Kim Barnhardt
Kim McInnes
Lindsay Thompson*
Liza Mattimore and Andrew Kuglin
Lorene Stanwick
Louise Plunkett
Marni Ninder*
Mary O’Connell
Michael Emrich*
Miriam Newhouse
Naomi Savage
Pamela Wilson*
Paval Uppal
Pier Rodier*
Rachelle Ganesh Bain*
Rebecca Smollett*
Samara Nicholds
Sandra Cross
Sarah Saskin*
Shelley White
Stephanie Filippi*
Tom Carson
William Lynch*

*Indicates 2018 WeeFestival Donors

2016-17 Season Supporters

Aldonna Stremecki
Andrew Muirhead
Anne Brown
Anonymous x3
Banafsheh Ramezani-Tehrani
Barbara Gordon
Bob Adler
Bulmash – Siegel Fund
Carolyn Ann Linton
Chris Mustard
Diversity Matters
Dominique Denis
Ellen Feldman
Glenda MacFarlane
Jane Gardner
Janet Amos & Ted Johns
Jason Anderson
Jeanne-Marc Robillard
Joe Mihevc

Joel Beddows
Jonathan Gould
Jonathan Tan
Joyce Moriana
Karen and Ben Varadi
Kim Barnhardt
Lisa Freeman – in Honour of Claire Freeman
Lois Fine
Lynda Hill
Marni Binder
Mary O’Connell
Miriam Newhouse
Paul Meier
Penny Milton
Randy Bauslaugh
Ronit Szabadi
Sharon Tiessen
Shelley White
Sue Miner
Thomas Morgan Jones

Pine Heights Trucking, Earlton ON (Northern Outreach Project)
Findlays Drug Store, New Liskeard ON (Northern Outreach Project)

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