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Thank you to all who have donated to Theatre Direct!
Your support means so much.


It’s always good to give
Be collaborative
Help us get ahead
As we aim to spread
Our work across the land
Lend us a hand
Donate what you can
Become a fan
As we enter into this next chapter
We will be grateful forever after
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2019-2020 Season Supporters

Kim Barnhardt
Marni Binder
Johnathan Gould
Fanny Guillaut
Larry and Elizabeth Hallok
Marie Treasa Levasseur
Jordan Koffman
Miriam Newhouse
Mary O’Connell
Rebecca & Jason Sorokin
Tanisha Taitt
Susan Purdy & George Walker
Kathy Young

Thank you to everyone who has donated to our fund to
support artist parents & caregivers during COVID-19 crisis.

Sharon Alton
Marni Binder
Victoria Birkett
Marc-Andre Blanchard
Jennifer Burak
Martha Burns
Lindsay Cader
Naomi Campbell
Ruth Howard & Stephen Cooper 
Jane Deluzio
John DiLiberto 
Lisa Marie DiLiberto 
Monica Dufault
Margaret Evans
Megan Ferrier
Leslie Francombe
John & Susan Goddard
Barbara Gordon 
Karen Hines
Jane Howard Baker
Jennifer Kennedy
Michael Kruse
Louise Lapointe
Jennifer Lasci
Laura Levin
Deborah Lomow
Darwin Lyons
Allen MacInnis
Sukhjiwan Malhi
Lindsay Moeser
Gale Moore
MJ Morris
Miriam Newhouse
Erin and Matt Nguyen
Pebble Star Artists
Liz Pounsett
L Purre
Deb Schock
Alexandra Siegler
Lucie Sparham
Suzy Tanzer
Genevieve Trilling
Kate Walker & John Siferd 
Pamela Wilson 
Ceilidh Wood
Brady Wood