1 Wiltshire Ave. Unit 127 Toronto, ON M6N 2V7

Forward March Festival 2024

Saturday May 4 and Sunday May 5, 2024

George Chuvalo Neighbourhood Centre (GCNC)
50 Sousa Mendes Street, Toronto

in Partnership with the George Chuvalo Neighbourhood Centre

Ages: 7 to 12

A FREE and fun-filled weekend of new plays for kids!

Theatre Direct presents three new works-in-progress by emerging artist collectives including:

Continue? by Christopher-Elizabeth and Annasofie
Innovative video game play about sibling relationships–where audience members get in on the game!

MEDUSA’S SISTERS by Phoenix The Fire
Poignant shadow puppetry play inspired by Greek mythology about three sisters who set-off on a journey to fight a terrible curse.

BLANK by AMAVA Collective
Interactive comedic play set in the world of Wonder about kids, parents and the rules that get in between, for better or for worse.

Forward March Festival 2024 is free and performances will take place in spaces around the George Chuvalo Neighbourhood Centre

Audiences are invited to see all plays back-to-back from 1pm or 2pm.
Note: Performances in ASL/with ASL interpretation start at 2pm.

There is additional kid-friendly programming between performances.

The festival offers a unique development process for its artists including an Industry Series, test audiences, and mentorship by Indigenous Culture Consultant Charlotte Big Canoe, ASL Consultant Juan Jaramillo and Guest Director Amanda Lin.

Forward March Festival 2024 Schedule/Line-Up

12:30pm – Doors Open

1pm – Continue?

1:45pm – Opening Remarks


3pm – BLANK

4pm – Continue?


About Continue? and Christopher-Elizabeth and Annasofie
Cast: Michelle Blight and Evander Jack Dewar
Creator/Director: Christopher-Elizabeth
Producer/Production Manager: Annasofie Jakobsen
Stage Manager: Scotia Cox
Lighting Designer: Niall Durcan
Video Designer: Jeremy Burke
Assistant Video Designer: Tim Maitland

Continue? is an interactive play about two siblings who made a promise to beat all the old video games their late (and great) dad left behind. After five years of no contact, the two reunite to try to beat the one game their dad never finished

Christopher-Elizabeth and Annasofie became friends on March 8, 2022 (International Women’s Day), and have been an inseparable duo ever since, jumping from project to project, each one sillier and more ambitious than the last. They’re both so excited to work with Theatre Direct and everyone else in the Forward March Festival, bringing Continue? to a younger audience. When not plotting and scheming, Annasofie and Chris-Liz cannot be found. Do not look for us.


About MEDUSA’S SISTERS and Phoenix The Fire

Cast: Jaideep Goray, Gaitrie Persaud-Killings and Aria Persaud
Playwright/Director: Gaitrie Persaud-Killings
Puppet Designer: Alessio Convito

Performed through shadow puppetry, MEDUSA’S SISTERS tells the story of Stheno and Euryale who stood by their infamously cursed sister, experiencing a transformation of their own.

Phoenix The Fire is a theatre and film community hub providing workshops, resources and ASL interpreting service. We facilitate partnerships to leverage Deaf artists.


About BLANK and AMAVA Collective

Creators/Cast: Jan Jennings, Hannah Jennings and Tsholo Khalema

“It’s about to go down.” BLANK invites audiences on a vibrant, and rhythmic adventure to the enchanted land of Wonder. Located happily in the middle of planet imagination. Where Onyx enforces the rules. And Emerald brings the cool, with this clash of opinions brings an epic battle. This battle ultimately impacts the children the hardest, and challenges those viewing. To explore the importance of balance in parenting.

Founded in 2022 by Tsholo Khalema and Jan Jennings, AMAVA Collective is a dynamic and inclusive creative collective. “Amava” means experience in IsiXhosa, reflecting the collective’s commitment to providing immersive and transformative experiences through the arts. AMAVA Collective is dedicated to the exploration and celebration of BIPOC storytelling through the lens of devised creations.