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A Commitment

Racism is so powerful, and it’s everywhere. The news has stunned us. Our hearts are heavy with sadness. We don’t know what to say. But we know we need to do something now, next week, this summer, next season, next year. Now. 

What will we do at Theatre Direct?

– We will examine more closely whose stories we’re telling, who is telling them, and to whom we are sharing these stories – making a commitment to prioritize racialized communities.

– We will make room for BIPOC artists to take leadership within our organization.

– We will support and mentor BIPOC emerging artists and then let them take the helm.

Now, next week, this summer, next season, next year. Now.

But this is not enough. We need to do more. We need to keep searching for further actions to fight against racism. We need to do our part to help change this oppressive system. 

At Theatre Direct we believe theatre can provoke change and inspire imaginations. Children are our future and we are committed to helping create a future that is diverse and inclusive.

If you have ideas and suggestions about what else we can do, please reach out. We want to work together.

Until then, our staff will be educating ourselves and listening because there is much more we need to learn.

We want to be better allies. We must be better allies.


In Solidarity, 

Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Kate Walker & all of us at Theatre Direct