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To celebrate winter, we are inviting children to join us in crafting a multimedia virtual installation, Wintertide. (Since we cannot gather in person right now, we will collaborate on creating this installation remotely!)

Wintertide will launch online on December 21st which is the winter solstice, the longest night of the year. 

Children are invited to join in the creation process by drawing pictures, sharing stories, creating movement or dance pieces, or by participating in a creative writing workshop
at our upcoming Wassail! Portal Pop Up.

Creations submitted by the children will all become part of our virtual installation!

Submissions Open: Thursday November 26 to Friday December 11 

Wassail! Portal Pop Up: Saturday December 12 

Launch Online: Monday December 21

Join us for this winter celebration that we hope will shed some light into all of our homes this winter! 

Visual Art

We invite children to sketch, draw, paint, and/or create a mixed media piece using the following themes and winter words for inspiration:

icicles, pine trees, tracks in the snow, skating, mittens, igloo, frost, snow falling, and children playing.

The children may use whatever medium they prefer: crayons, pencil crayons, paints, charcoal, etc. Let their imaginations flow to complete a piece of art that they love!

  1. When their piece is complete we ask that you make sure they have signed it with their first name only.
  2. Use your phone to photograph the artwork. Instructions on how to take photos can be found here
  3. Please complete the online submission form here and e-mail your photograph to virtualcamps@theatredirect.ca.

Sharing Stories

We invite children to choose one of the following winter phrases to complete:

 “I love winter because…”, “Winter makes me think about…”, “Winter is…”

When they have completed their phrase, we ask them to also choose three of the following winter words:

winter, cold, snow, ice, dark, bare, sleep, grey, lights, snowballs, pines, skating, hot chocolate, hats, slipping, mitts, wind, boots, snowshoes, skiing, breath, air.

  1. When they have made their selection, please record your child saying their finished phrases and three words. 
  2. We ask the children to speak clearly and slowly, so we can hear their recording well. Instructions on how to record audio can be found here
  3. Please complete the online submission form here and e-mail your recording to virtualcamps@theatredirect.ca.

Dance or Movement

We invite children to create a 10 – 15 second movement or dance piece using the winter prompts below as inspiration:

snow falling, leaves swirling, wind blowing, ice cracking, snowballs flying

  1. When they have finalized their choreography, use your phone to video record your child performing their finish piece. *Please film in landscape mode.* Instructions on how to record video can be found here
  2. Please complete the online submission form here and e-mail your recording to virtualcamps@theatredirect.ca.

Creative Writing: Wassail!

As an accompaniment to Wintertide, and part of our series Portal Pop Ups! Creation Warehouse  will conduct a winter solstice writing workshop, Wassail!, where we will explore and write nature myths and poetry around the theme of winter, and craft beautiful winter solstice lanterns.

We will record the children speaking their finished written pieces, incorporating their stories and poetry into Wintertide.

The workshop will be held on Saturday December 12th for ages 6 to 8 years and 9 to 12 years. For more information, and to register click here