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L-R: Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah (performer), Dawn Jani Birley (creator and performer) and Anselmo Desousa (Deaf consultant)

We are thrilled to be back in classrooms soon for a limited run of Dawn Jani Birley’s I AM PUFF, an interactive classroom performance that unpacks Deaf culture for kids in a positive light, offering insights into Deaf Identity, lessons in sign language, and what it means to be Deaf in a hearing world.

Based on the original script by Finnish writer Salla Fagerström, Dawn is joined by the multi-talented actor Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah and consultant Anselmo Desousa for this one-of-a-kind performance that will tour to schools in the GTA.

I AM PUFF marks Theatre Direct’s first collaboration with 1S1, a Deaf-led theatre company founded by Dawn. 1S1 aims to create work that challenges people’s perception of Deafness as well as rebutting ideologies and myths surrounding Deafness.

Keep in touch to learn more about Dawn and performance dates for I AM PUFF!