1 Wiltshire Ave. Unit 127 Toronto, ON M6N 2V7

Hallowe’en Hullabaloo 2021 Program

A Creation Warehouse Production by Theatre Direct

Creator and Designer –  Pragna Desai-Vargoz, Creation Warehouse Director
Production Manager and Lighting Designer – Rebecca Vandevelde
Sound Designer –  Keira Forde, Creation Warehouse Associate Producer
Production Builders – Rebecca Vandevelde and Sebastian Marziali
Production Crew – Sebastian Marziali, Alanna McConnell, Pip Bradford, Steph Raposo
Scenic Painters & On-Site Crew – Justin Eddy, Sid Malcolm, Cassie-Hope Aubin, Mez Bhojani, Keira Forde, Alten Wilmot, Madeleine Brown
Producer – Sehar Bhojani – Associate Artistic Director, Theatre Direct
Producer – Lisa Marie DiLiberto, Artistic Director, Theatre Direct
Photography by Sam Polzin Photography
ASL Interpretation by Cassie-Hope Aubin


Elena, Elizabeth, Alexandra, Noah, Arianna, Ambroise, Eli, Atiya, Olivia, Jannah, Justine, Flora, Liam, Jean-Milo, Aven, Rosabel, Vivienne, Mazzy, Georgia, Abby, Insuh, Ida, Sofia, Jordan, Kingston, Sven, Charlotte, Ryan, Ewan, Aarav, Elinor, Emil, Alex, Sebastian Oliver, Aria, Noah, Gisele, Anais, Edie, Salih, Sol, Jade, Zara, Julian, Charlie, Hera, Annable, Ariel, Rita, Jonah, Harvey, Frankie, Emerson, Margo, Clementine, Calla, Annie, Declan, Juliette, Zevon, Xavier, Luzia, Ethan, Alexandros, Max, Alek, Felix, Sophie, Fisher, Renaud, Emmanuel, Amelia, Matias, Alex, Caelum, Andrea, Ana, Bena, Nelson, Louis, Dorian, Wiliam, Sajed, Saraya, Camilla, Laila, Cedar, Felix, Alice, Carmel

Halloween Hullabaloo is sponsored by New Moon Kitchen

Hallowe’en Hullabaloo is made possible thanks to a partnership with:
The Office of Ana Bailão
Deputy Mayor
Chair, Planning and Housing Committee
Councillor – Ward 9, Davenport

Ghostly Fables Workshop Facilitators – Pragna Desai-Vargoz, Mez Bhojani, Keira Forde
Ghostly Fables created by Aven, Ambroise, Carmel, Henry, Ida, Jonah, Michael, Oliver, Sol, and Zevon
Ghostly Fables POP UP Workshop was presented in partnership with Aluna Theatre

Lambe Lambe Masterclass and Workshop Lead Artist and Facilitator – Nina Vogel
Lambe Lambe Workshop Coordinator – Keira Forde
Lambe Lambe Puppet Shows created by:
Lorena Torres Loaiza
Sturla Alvsvaag
Amelia McCarthy Blaine
Jesse Wabegijig
Lily Sutherland
Warda “Muna” Youssouf
Margarita Soria
Pesch Nepoose

Nina Vogel is an award-winning Brazilian multidisciplinary artist, puppeteer, singer, actress and director. Her approach to puppetry and art has a strong spiritual influence inherited from both her Indigenous Guarani and Tikuna ancestry. Her work has been performed all over the world. In 2021 she was awarded the Lisa Simon Scholarship, presented to a female director whose work is currently growing in the field of puppet arts. She was also awarded the Founders Award Scholarship by the O’Neill Theater Center in the USA. Her Lambe-Lambe creation, ConCordis – the Heart, premiered in Montréal in 2019, on a tour through Québec and France. In 2020 she delivered more than 100 virtual performances of ConCordis worldwide. That same year she received anOutstanding Work Award at the 2020 Chuncheon International Puppet Film Festival, for her adaptation of ConCordis – the Heart, into a stop motion film. In 2017 she was awarded two major scholarships by the government of Québec and the École Supérieure des Arts at Université du Québec à Montréal (UQÀM), to further her skills in Contemporary Puppet Theatre performance. For 2021/2022 Nina has received invitations from China, Japan, Romania, Portugal and Canada. Her return to the stage and live theatre begins as Guest Artist with the OSESP Orchestra, creating an original version of Sergei Prokofiev’s Peter and the Wolf which she will perform at the iconic concert hall Sala São Paulo in Brazil.

Lorena Torres Loaiza was born in Bogota, Colombia, and grew up in Canada. She works in comics, illustration, theatre design, and fiction. All her work has a quirky visual style and some fantasy elements. She’s interested in flawed characters solving problems, and hope as an active process. Lorena has a Creative Writing certificate from the University of Toronto. Several of her short stories have been published in Syntax and Salt, AntipodeanSF, POMEgranate magazine, and the Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart and Wayward Sisters comic anthologies. She has recently developed a comics-based art installation, with the support of the Theatre Centre exploration residency and the 2021 CAMINOS theatre festival.  She can be found @lszian on Instagram and Twitter. 

Sturla Alvsvaag is an actor and theatre-maker from Bergen, Norway. A graduate of Ecole Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris, Sturla has created and performed with companies from across Australia, France, Norway and Canada. Select works include: Traversèe de la Riviére (Collectif 2222, France), Il Turco In Italia (Bergen National Opera, directed by Mark Lamos) and Wendy and Peter Pan  (The National Theatre of Norway). Sturla is also the Co-Artistic Director of YVA Theatre Company with whom he has acted, co-created and produced The Nose (commissioned by the MiniMidiMaxi Festival), and The First Time I Saw the Sea (Frontlosje-festivalen). In Canada, Sturla is working with Why Not Theatre and 1S1 Collective on a new adaptation of Lady Macbeth. In September 2021 he will perform in the world premiere of What You Won’t Do For Love starring David Suzuki and Tara Cullis, produced by Why Not Theatre.

 Amelia McCarthy Blaine is a Toronto-based multidisciplinary artist specializing in puppetry, set and costume design, writing and directing. Amelia graduated from Ryerson University with a BFA in Theatre Production and Design and a minor in Acting and Dance Studies. Amelia is the Artistic Director of BadFox Performance, which has produced their plays They’ve Been Sitting in The Graveyard for Far Too Long (2017), and The Way Home Ghost (2019). Amelia has puppeteered for theatre and film, notably in La Cumbia Del Oso, a music video for The Pazific, and Fish Out Of Water, an independent short film. Amelia also recently fabricated a collection of stop-motion puppets for the short film The Lost Seahorse. For theatre, Amelia has puppeteered for LuminUs (2021) with Clay and Paper Theatre, taking over the streets of Toronto with glowing lantern puppets, and Equinox (2019), which was presented as part of the Dark Crop Festival. Amelia is currently developing a mixed-media shadow puppetry piece entitled Mass Exodus with BadFox Performance. 

Jesse Wabegijig is from WikemikongAnishnaabek Territory located on Manitoulin Island, Ontario. He is a graduate of the Center for Indigenous Theatre.He has trained at the Royal Shakespearean acting program at Stratford Ontario for two summers. He has worked in community theatre for half a decade. His craft is interwoven with his cultural identity as being Ojibway. Through his work with Jumblies, NAC, Shadowland, Clay and Paper, and Debajehmujig he has learned the importance of viewing work holistically. 

Lily Sutherland, is a writer, director, performer, and producer with over eight years of experience creating and presenting original works across Canada. She holds a B.A. in Theatre from The University of Ottawa, and has trained in Clown at École Philippe Gaulier in Paris, France. 

Warda “Muna” Youssouf is a poet and visual artist living in Toronto. Born in Djibouti and raised in the UK, Muna is a recipient of the David Maltby Award for her exhibition Roots (2019). She has exhibited at Gallery 44, Hashtag Gallery, Ryerson Image Center, and has produced independent short films, and commercial films.

Margarita Soria (they/them) is a Tkarón:to/Toronto based dance artist, who is finally learning how to skateboard. They have Andinx and Irish/Slovakian settler roots. They are learning to speak Quechua Chanka, South Bolivian Quechua, as well as the Norte Potosí variety, which their family speaks. Their work explores themes of escaping-time and dance as a “memory projector”. As a visual artist, they use impulse and distortion to build a playground where ancestral memory and desire can meet. They have completed residencies in Whitehorse, YT (the Heart of Riverdale) and in Oaxaca, Mexico (Pocoapoco).

Pesch Nepoose is a Cree multidisciplinary artist from Edmonton Alberta, currently residing in Toronto. She has recently graduated from the four year program at the Centre for Indigenous Theatre. While now working as a full time actor, she finished filming Talking Treaties with Ange Loft for Jumblies Theatre, she has also gained skills in stage managing and playwriting. While in school, she formed the collective Out of Sync along with two of her classmates. Their first project, S.O.S. Saving Our Sovereignty, was performed at the Paprika Festival in May 2018. Their second show was part of the Weesagachak Begins to Dance Festival 31 in November 2018. This show has impacted each of the writers in the piece. The idea came from witnessing the depression and suicide among Indigenous youth. Pesch hopes to continue developing the show with the collective. She is also writing her one woman show titled Flying Home, which focuses on addiction and identity.