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Forest Dreams Gallery

Forest Dreams (July 2021)
Using High Park as inspiration, the week-long creation workshop for children in partnership with Canadian Stage explored nature myths and stories through the magic of theatre. At the end of the week the children performed their creation, Forest Dreams, at the High Park Amphitheatre for an invited audience of friends and family.

Forest Dreams Team
Conceived and Designed by Pragna Desai-Vargoz, Creation Warehouse Director
Creators and Cast: Jannah, Olivier, Charley, Elizabeth, Sidney, Georgia, Atiya, Teddy, Ambroise, Huxley, Calla, Juliette, Ruby, Katelyn, Maelle, Zephyr, Anjali, Anisah, Aleksander, Tharan
Sound Designer: Madeleine Brown, Theatre Direct Associate Producer
Facilitators: Madeleine Brown, Keira Forde, Cameron Grant, Khadijah Roberts-Abdullah

Listen to the Forest Dreams land acknowledgement created by the cast!