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Firefly Curriculum Connections

Ontario Curriculum Connections
This program embraces many areas of the Ontario School Curriculum making it a perfect fit with the school system. Here is a broad overview of how our program meets the expectations set up in the 2016 Kindergarten Program Curriculum.

  • Supports Educators as co-learners
  • Provides opportunities for documentation to make thinking and learning visible
  • Is collaborative in nature encouraging reflection and sharing of experiences between Teachers, ECEs, Artists, Children, Parents and the community
  • Gives children tools and practice in self-regulation (e.g. focusing, dealing with stressors and recovering efficiently and effectively)
  • Understands the importance of First Language and supports the sharing of traditions and cultural experiences in the child’s First Language
  • Encourages the child to take risks and try new things through dramatic play and engage in innovative thinking
  • Provides children with a vehicle to explore and express their thoughts and feelings
  • Brings the whole class together for a meeting with a specific focus
  • Is sensitive to the need to keep transitions to a minimum

Grade One
: Specific Expectations in Oral Communication 1.1 (purpose of listening), 1.2 (appropriate listening behaviour) 1.4 (demonstrate an understanding by retelling a story), Speaking to Communicate 2.1(identify purpose of speaking), 2.3 (communicate ideas and information orally in a clear, coherent manner, 2.6 (identify nonverbal clues including facial expression and gestures), and Writing, 1.1 (identify the topic, purpose, audience, and form for writing).2 (begin to establish a personal voice in their writing).