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Next Draft is delighted to introduce our 2022/2023 Teen-in-Residence:

Subha Azrin

“I am Subha Azrin and I am a student studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo. I enjoy working with technology and creating technology to help people with all kinds of problems all around the world. I am a recipient of Canada’s most prestigious STEM undergraduate scholarship, alongside the MAX scholarship and others.

Outside of academics, I enjoy spending time reading or working in a creative space to relieve stress. You can find me either sketching on my iPad or typing up a new draft of a quick story that I will write only once and never find time to get back to it. Other times, you will find me reading fiction either books or online comics. As a writer, I wish to explore and seek different worlds, versions, and realities to give myself and my readers a chance to experience moments we often tend to forget to experience at a deeper level in the fast-paced lives that we live.”

Over the 2022/2023 season with support from Theatre Direct, Subha has been commissioned to create an original work. This new play will be workshopped through our Voice 2 Text program this winter and then be adapted into a digital format to be presented in Spring 2023. In addition to the commission, Subha will participate in our 2022/2023 Next Draft programming and receive mentorship from the Theatre Direct team.

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