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Next Draft is delighted to announce its 2023/2024 Teen-in-Residence:
Isabella Aquino

Isabella Aquino is currently a music major at Cawthra Park Secondary School. They premiered their first play at the National Theatre School’s Dramafest last year, where it went on to win awards for playwriting at the District and Regional levels, and was shortlisted for the Wayne Fairhead New Play Award. They are dedicated to telling meaningful and relevant stories drawing from their own experiences as well as shared experiences through which they can connect with others, and have a particular interest in exploring the intersection of drama, music and dance in theatre.

Over this season, Isabella will be commissioned to create an original work and have the opportunity to participate in Next Draft programming.

As part of the program, the Teen-in-Residence will meet regularly with Company Producer Madeleine Brown through self-guided sessions to support the work’s development and offer guidance in order to complete a first draft of a full length-play and digital adaptation/short film of one of its scenes. The play will be presented in a workshop by professional actors and the adaptation screens at an accompanying event.

Previous Teen-in-Residence Playwrights and Plays:
A Perspective on Humanity by Simaiya Shirley (2021/2022)
See You Soon by Subha Azrin (2022/2023)

Teen-in-Residence is part of Next DraftTheatre Direct’s series of theatre-based programming for teens.