1 Wiltshire Ave. Unit 127 Toronto, ON M6N 2V7


The Creation Warehouse is proud to announce our inaugural Kid-In-Residence, Amara Young!

Starting this spring through until next September, Amara will participate in CW programming as well as pursue her own artistic projects with the support of Theatre Direct and our team. 

10-year-old Amara’s artistic interests include ballet, drawing, music, photography and theatre. Outside of the arts, Amara loves nature, reading, creating videos and writing.

“I am very excited to be Theatre Direct’s first-ever Kid-In-Residence. I am honoured for this mention and look forward to learning and to keep creating with my inner soul. I can’t wait to start! Also, I want to thank Theatre Direct for this grand opportunity.”

– Amara Young

We first collaborated with Amara through our week-long virtual camp, Wired Funny, last summer and are delighted to support her through this residency. You can see her beautiful performance (and choreography!) in Wintertide, which premiered in December in celebration of the winter solstice. 

Stay tuned to learn more about Amara’s creations!