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Give ’em Hell Audition Call – Teenage Roles

Madeleine Brown and Aaron Jan’s hit indie theatre collective Prairie Fire, Please (PFP) is SEEKING EIGHT PETERBOROUGH-BASED TEENAGERS to perform in a professional production this September of Madeleine Brown’s new play for and with teenagers, Give ‘em Hell, inspired by the real-life closure of Peterborough’s oldest high school PCVS.

The production will be produced and presented in partnership with: Theatre Direct, 4th Line Theatre and Peterborough Museum and Archives.

PFP is looking for young people ages 13 to 19 based in Peterborough, Ontario or the surrounding area with an interest or curiosity in theatre, local history and/or activism to audition for Give ‘em Hell.

No experience in theatre or activism is required.
(Although, of course, it’s welcome!)

Auditioners should be comfortable with being on stage in front of an audience and memorization. The ideal candidate is a passionate, committed team player.

PFP is Madeleine Brown, the playwright of Give ‘em Hell and Aaron Jan, its director. They’re known for their back-to-back sold-out, critically- and audience- acclaimed productions at the Toronto Fringe Festival (2017-2019). 

Outside of PFP, Peterborough-born and -raised Madeleine is an award-winning playwright, actor and Company Producer at one of Canada’s leading theatre for young audiences companies, Theatre Direct, where she co-leads their teen programming. Learn more about her here. Aaron is a Hamilton-born, Toronto-based award-winning playwright, director, dramaturg and educator. Learn more about him here.

Auditions are a chance for actors and the people putting on a play to get to know and discover if they’re a right fit for each other and the project. Successful auditioners will be cast as actors in Give ‘em Hell.

The auditions for Give ‘em Hell will be in the form of a two-hour drama workshop in small groups. Come play, hang out and learn with Madeleine and Aaron! We will start the workshop with a series of drama games before exploring short excerpts of the play. No preparation is required.

Those cast in Give ‘em Hell will be required to attend all rehearsals and performances (see WHEN?!). Teen actors will be paid $15/hour for approximately 135 hours total, receive snacks at all rehearsals and bus passes, and have a child supervisor.

Give ‘em Hell is a comedic play with heart inspired by the 2012 of Peterborough’s oldest high school, Peterborough Collegiate Vocational School (PCVS) and the resulting student activism that occurred over its final school year. It explores themes of activism, grief and identity.

The auditions will be held on Sunday February 5, 2023. There are three time slots available: 10am to 12pm / 1pm to 3pm / 4pm to 6pm. Auditioners must be available for the full two-hour time slot.

All plays have rehearsals leading up to their run–the performances of the play. Actors must be available to attend all rehearsals. Rehearsals are when you’ll learn your lines and where you move on stage. And get to know the rest of the team!

There will be limited meetings (i.e., once a month or every two months) throughout the spring to prepare for rehearsals. There will be full-time (Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm) rehearsals starting in mid-August. In September, rehearsals will become part-time and scheduled to start after the end of the school day. The performances of the production will include some daytime shows for high school students and evenings from the middle to the end of September. Exact rehearsal and performance dates and times will be confirmed this spring.

The auditions will take place at Scott House at Trent University’s Catherine Parr Traill College at 315 Dublin Street in downtown Peterborough. It is accessible by Peterborough Transit buses.

The in-person rehearsals and performances will take place at a venue in downtown Peterborough.

Still interested? Then all you need to do is sign-up. Please complete the registration form below by January 21, 2023.