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Forward March Resident Companies

Working Title: Lord of the Flies Adaptation
Creators: Vincent LeBlanc Beaudoin & Rory de Brouwer
Social Media: Rory de Brouwer’s Instagram, @rorbo

Project Description:

Set in a modern-day TDSB school, a class of teenage students find themselves suddenly alone within the confines of their high school. A mysterious event occurs that seemingly leads to the disappearance of all other humans. With the disappearance of the power structures of their world, how will the students build a new society? How will they ensure their new system is just and equitable? Who will they choose to lead them? What will that leadership look like and what problems will arise in their new community? Can they successfully engage one another to solve these problems? How will they ensure that old patterns of power and oppression are not repeated?

This english literature classic was chosen as a primary source material in order to explore themes relevant to youth in 2020 such as bullying, discrimination, body shaming, toxic masculinity, violence and the nature of evil as well as the power of community, leadership and teamwork. We also want to explore the nature of power in society, how it is abused, and how it can be used to oppress and exploit people who do not hold power.

Project Title: Content
Creator: Alec Toller
Social Media: @alec_toller @circlesnake

Project Description:

Content is an interactive, narrative play that uses audience responses to guide the unfolding of the show. Content depicts a large internet tech company that has learned that someone is leaking company secrets which could cost them billions. The show contains dozens of scenes and scene fragments. At the end of each scene the audience is presented with a choice of the next scenes to see, allowing the audience to collectively decide on the content of the show and resulting in a varied experience each performance. This show uses this novel narrative form to explore the implications of internet-content adjusting to the user, which has lead to the near-complete obfuscation of contrasting viewpoints. Ultimately, Content interrogates our preference for our own preference and the difficulty of expanding beyond our existing worldview. 

Project Title: Give ‘em Hell
Creator: Madeleine Brown
Social Media: Facebook – @MadeleineBrown (personal)

Project Description:

Following a controversial review process, on September 30 2011, the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board announced that Peterborough’s oldest high school, Peterborough Collegiate Vocational School, would close later that year. Shaken by the decision, its students came together to fight it as Raiders in Action. Soon a mainstay (and target) of the local media, they gave speeches, staged protests and even brought Rick Mercer to town, causing an unprecedented uprising against a school closure unlike any documented in North America. In a moment when the world’s most prominent activists, are, well, under 18 years old, playwright Madeleine Brown returns to her hometown to explore how youth activists come of age–where their instincts come from, who empowers them to lead and how they amass power. And the aftermath of such leadership. This staged reading features dramaturgy and direction by Aaron Jan and performances by Madeleine Brown, Sepehr Reybod, Kenzie Tsang and John Wamsley.

Project Title: Chess Clown Show
Creator: Rose Tuong
Social Media:
IG: @chessclownshow (piece-specific), @rozyrisq  twitter: @rosetuong (personal)

Project Description:

You’re cordially invited to the multimedia clown show that ebbs in the flow and beauty of chess and its resonant meditations: sites of shared understandings and wordless exchanges, of whizzing roller-skating rooks and plotting pawns that flit betwixt errant knights as each shifty king leans on his queen…but lo! where the checkered floor stretches unbound masterly sore losers can behold new visions of power and self-authorship. This is a piece about a bewitching game and a humble attempt to transcend the theatre of spoken language by the electrifying engine of collective collaboration.