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For Teachers: The Election

All student matinee performances take place at Theatre Passe Muraille in the main space
@ 6 Ryerson Avenue, Toronto

Performances begin at 1pm with a 12:30 pre-show presentation
Run time is 2 hours and 15 minutes (including intermission)

Student Tickets $17.50 | Teachers Free


Student Activation

As art is frequently political, we at Theatre Direct are seeking to stay on track with the demographic we serve by electing a Youth Ambassador that will sit on our Board of Directors.

Democracy Live! invites selected students from each school to present a platform live on stage before the matinee performance. This is an opportunity for young people to speak to the issues that directly affect our the future leaders and voters and address how art can make change.

At intermission, members of the audience will be given a ballot and asked to vote on one of the platforms. The winner of each Democracy Live! matinee event will be announced at the end of the show.

A video recording of the winning platform presentation from each matinee performance will be posted on Theatre Direct’s website where students from across the Toronto will be invited to vote for the overall winner of Democracy Live!

The winner of Democracy Live! will not only become Theatre Direct’s Student Ambassador, but will also win a three-day workshop series focussing on political theatre and collective creation for their class!


1) Invite students to create and present a platform no longer than 2 minutes that includes the following:

  • Name + Pronouns
  • Campaign Slogan
  • What do you think is the most important issue facing young people today?
  • How can young people affect change with respect to this issue?
  • How can art support this change?
  • If you were Theatre Direct’s Youth Ambassador, what steps would you propose to put Theatre Direct at the forefront of this change?
  • Repeat Slogan!

2) Select a finalist from your class to present their platform for Democracy Live! before the matinee performance of The Election at Theatre Passe Muraille.

3) Send the name of your class finalist to our Education and Outreach Producer We will be in touch with details to prep your finalist for Democracy Live!

(N.B. Finalists will be asked to sign a video/photo release form to secure eligibility)