Excerpts from the Intern

Hello Theatre Direct friends, families, and educators!

One fateful afternoon – June 20th 2013, to be exact! – I received an amazing e-mail that informed me that the Metcalf Foundation had given me the Performing Arts Internship grant. This wonderful opportunity meant that I was going to be interning at Theatre Direct for an entire year with Artistic Director Lynda Hill as my mentor. Children’s Theatre and drama education is what I love so being here truly feels like the right fit.

Now that my first week is well on its way, I am even more excited than I was to start. Transitions into new projects are always a major adjustment as I always want to know how to do everything immediately without needing help, which I know is unrealistic. However, Lynda and Naz have made our work place an incredibly positive, generous and open space that asking my millions of questions has felt easy.

This week, Rhona Matheson has joined us from Edinburgh- based Starcatchers and it is such an interesting opportunity to learn about early years work that is being developed abroad.  Please keep an eye out in our Newsletter and Blog for more excerpts from my experiences as an intern here at Theatre Direct this 2013/2014 season!

Melissa Haddad