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ERASER: A New Normal

Theatre Direct is thrilled to present:

“Imaginative, urgent, and relevant theatre.” NOW Magazine

Created and Co-produced by the company of Eraser Theatre
Directed and Choreographed by Bilal Baig and Sadie Epstein-Fine

A Virtual Play Recommended for Grades 5-8 

“…their creative team have achieved something rather remarkable here: relevant topics—cultural sensitivity, sexuality, etc.—seem to rise to the surface organically, rather than as talking points.”
-Istvan Dugalin, Theatre Reviewer

ERASER: A New Normal follows the lives of six elementary students as they navigate their way through this unprecedented time in the world. From Pakistan to Canada, the students deal with losing loved ones, isolation, new friendships and crossing borders all while dealing with the constraints of how to stay safe and socially distant. The students dance, sing and vlog their way through the realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, finding new ways to connect while fantasizing about how things could be different in this “new normal”. Ideal for both virtual & in-person school set ups.

“The story was all the more dramatic for this audience because of their age; it was about first kisses, family tragedy and adolescent self discovery, the very things that are so important to them personally.”– Mary O’Connell, Retired Teacher, TDSB & M. Ed.

ERASER: A New Normal Themes: Identity (Cultural, Gender, Sexuality, Community), Mental Health, Immigration, Religion & Spirituality, Relationships, Puberty, Loss & Grief, Bullying, Imaginative Play 

ERASER: A New Normal Curriculum Connections:
Student Development: Social, physical & emotional growth  
Dramatic Arts: Devised creation & digital performance
Critical Thinking: Reflect, respond and analyze performance techniques
Social Studies:Explore different cultures and communities

What students had to say about ERASER
“It talked about.. life really and life isn’t just a big fairytale, it’s got some hard moments.”
“I also like how each of the characters was from a different place, because I…relate…”
“…one of the best play[s] I’ve ever seen”


ERASER: A New Normal is a completely digital show that will be sent to you as a link to view anytime between October 14th to December 23rd 2020. Included in your booking are two livestream classroom talkbacks hosted by Theatre Direct. The talkbacks will include a discussion surrounding the themes of the show with members of the creative team, a question and answer portion and conclude with a Mindfulness & Wellness session guided by a Consultant. We recommend 30 students per talkback.
~ Running time is 40 minutes with a 60 minute livestream talkback

Included in your booking is:

– A link to view ERASER: A New Normal (only available Oct. 19 – Dec. 23, 2020)
Education Enrichment Package. This package will include prompts for class discussion, questions and exercises that elaborate on the themes of the show.
*Please note, the link for the show and the enrichment package will not be available before October 19.    
A livestream talkback with the creators of the piece and a Mindfulness & Wellness session guided by a Consultant via ZOOM. (Approx. 60 minutes)

Payment: The fee per school is $600 plus HST to be paid at time of booking. Booking includes 2 live online classroom talkbacks. Additional talkbacks are $200/per talkback.

To be granted access this digital show and accompanying enrichment materials, book your talk back and pay your fee, please email sehar@theatredirect.ca

Production History 
Eraser was originally presented as part of Why Not Theatre’s RISER 2019 Project. The following year it was in development in Theatre Direct’s season with play development support provided by Young People’s Theatre and Roseneath Theatre, Toronto, Canada. 

The Eraser: A New Normal Team 

Tijiki Morris as Afroze 
Christol Bryan as Whitney 
Nathan Redburn as Noah 
Marina Gomes as Tara
Tony Perpuse as Eli 
Bilal Baig as Jihad
John Echano as Voice of the Mayor 
Lisa Marie DiLiberto as Voice of Tara’s Mom

Bilal Baig, Co-Director 
Sadie Epstein-Fine, Co-Director 
Emily Soussana, Digital Content Designer 
Vanessa Magic, Costume Designer
Rebecca Vandevelde, Lighting Designer 
Maddie Bautista, Sound Designer and Composer 
Cole Vincent, Production Manager 
Steph Raposo, Video Editor