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384020248-40th-birthday-candles-vuj4t9-clipartWelcome to the 40th anniversary section of the Theatre Direct website! Can we ask you four questions? Over the coming weeks we’ll be posting memories from the past four decades, including videos from directors, actors, playwrights and other artists; educators, board members, and former audience members – including you, we hope!

I’ve had the fun of creating this section of the website by going through the theatre’s archives. Looking through photos, posters, programs, and student art and letters, it’s impossible not to see how consistently Theatre Direct has been “ahead of the curve.” Tackling serious and even controversial subject matter, reflecting the diversity of our country, and finding innovative ways to reach out to new audiences, Theatre Direct has been leading the way for the past forty years.

The company has many people to thank for its success. Theatre Direct’s Artistic Directors all brought energy, passion, and vision to the company. So many of Canada’s best directors, actors, designers, musicians, choreographers, puppeteers, and other artists also contributed their talents to the success of the theatre…and we’d like the artists out there to help us fill in some gaps.

As you will see as you peruse the plays, this mini-history of Theatre Direct is a work-in-progress. In some cases we are missing information. Other times it was hard to ascertain who had originated the roles and who stepped in for later productions. Sometimes we didn’t have a cast list at all! So fellow artists and collaborators please don’t hesitate to write us about information that needs to be added or changed.

We are also asking you to help us celebrate by sharing your memories. Did you perform in a Theatre Direct show? Did you book the company for your school? Were you a young audience member who was moved by a Theatre Direct production? Were you one of our many wonderful volunteers? If you have a connection, we’d like to hear about it.

Below you’ll find a list of four questions. We’re hoping that many of you who worked with Theatre Direct will answer them for us on video. Please contact us if you’d like to come down and answer the four questions at the office – our co-op high school student Brian Na is conducting taped interviews at Artscape Wychwood Barns. If you’re not available to come into the office, please record yourself answering the four questions and send us the footage from your phone or video camera. We will be putting the interviews up on the site for everyone to enjoy. We are really looking forward to hearing stories from the past forty wonderful years!

Four Questions About Theatre Direct:

Could you please introduce yourself, and tell us about your connection to Theatre Direct?

What is your favourite moment from your time at Theatre Direct?

Why is theatre for young audiences essential?

This year Theatre Direct is celebrating its 40th anniversary. Do you have any hopes and wishes for the theatre as it enters its next forty?

David S. Craig
Jerome Ackhurst
John Glossop
Susan Serran (with artistic associates Ines Buchli, Andrey Tarasiuk, and Maureen Labonté)
Andrey Tarasiuk
Lynda Hill