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New Works

Flying Hearts

Created by Michelle Silagy and Lynda Hill
Choreography by Michelle Silagy
For children with Multiple Exceptionalities

“A delightful journey.  The young people were completely entranced and mesmerized by the colours, shapes, movements, and sounds. What a treat for them to be able to enter the magical world to explore, and dance, and create shadows together as a wee community. Beautiful and heart warming, I was smiling all day!” – Parent

“We were so impressed with the inclusivity of the work.  It was a true pleasure to go to a show designed with our students in mind. We all said we would love to do it again next year!” TDSB Educator


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The development of Flying Hearts was supported by the Ontario Arts Council through the Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program






Lost & Found

Created by Ginette Mohr, Ingrid Hansen, Andrew Young

A daylong workshop and presentation programme created especially for Kindergarten & Grade 1 students.

Morning workshops in the classroom led by the artists of the company are followed by a performance of Lost and Found for all participating classes.

Audience Maximum: 90 students
Performance Space Required: 20 x 20 in library, gymansium, or large classroom.

Genius! Brilliant! This presentation was so entertaining and engaging but equally it was inspirational because it used everyday objects so that any child could immediately try out the ideas and techniques in class and at home. I was super inspired as well. Thank You!”Educator

“The kids really enjoyed the presentation.  They were completely engaged, they loved the addition of the music to the performance, manipulating everyday objects to create something new, etc.  I’ve noticed that the kids are more interested in dramatic play.  They use pieces of cloth and other found objects around the room to enhance their dramatic play.
They also have started to sing songs during their dramatic play.
” – Educator


Lost and Found is part of Theatre Direct’s Arts from the Start programme funded by CIBC Children’s Foundation.








Created by Femmes du Feu: Holly Treddenick & Lindsay Goodtimes in partnership with Theatre Direct

Femmes du Feu’s mandate is to develop, explore and promote contemporary circus in Ontario and to new audiences.

Femmes du Feu’s newest project is Tweet. Tweet is a contemporary circus show for young audiences age 2-5 years conceived with Lindsay Goodtimes and being produced in partnership with Theatre Direct. We are excited to bring contemporary circus to these new audiences!


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The development of Tweet is supported by the Ontario Arts Council through the Theatre Creators’ Reserve Program