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Parent Feedback

“Through your programs, my child has had the opportunity to practice not only theatre, but planning, rehearsing, and incorporating the ideas of others into a collaborative vision. These are not just arts-based skills, they are life skills. My child’s life is enriched by participating.” – Parent

“Our son has participated in Theatre Direct programs for three years.  He came into the program a shy guy with big feelings that were sometimes hard for him to manage. We have watched him grow confident, take risks, and become focused.  We have been delighted to watch him emerge as a leader.  And he has danced, laughed, and made new friends all the way.  Theatre direct takes children seriously, and provides them with a safe and comfortable space to stretch and grow. The professional facilitators are not only incredibly talented theatre artists – they are passionate about children, and children’s creativity.  And artistic director Lynda Hill inspires both staff and children.  What an amazing program and community!  Thank you!” – Parent

“I continue to be astounded by the amount you accomplish with the kids in one short week. I cannot imagine a program with more integrity. You empower the children and inspire true exploration, creativity and respect for the artistic process, one another and themselves.” – Artist and Parent

“ I found the staff and programming exceptional during my daughter’s half day experience. The staff were ever engaging with the children and the creative and loving energy could be felt by myself and my daughter the moment we stepped through the doors of theatre direct. The perfect way to start our summer holidays.” – Teacher and Parent

“As someone who as been on both sides of the Theatre Direct projects as a guest artist and parent, I can say without reservation that Lynda and the team at Theatre Direct consistently  design and deliver programming and workshops that are at the top of the heap.  Their fierce dedication to making art coupled with their complete commitment to the personhood of children and students has set a very high bar for all of us, as parents and artists.  It is clear that they are active in the community of Toronto and the Wychwood Barns, and are fostering an outlook in students and school teachers that values art and the concomitant benefits of a rich artistic experience – cooperation, curiosity, independent thinking and imagination, among others.  Clearly their presence in the neighbourhood is having tangible and, more importantly, fun results, and I wish them many more years of growth and engagement.  I’ll be back, anytime, as either artist or parent. “ – Artist and Parent

“It is beautiful to see what happens when my 5-year-old walks into a Theatre Direct drama camp. She clearly feels immediately at ease in your warm space, happily strides off to join her fellow campers to apply herself with single-minded focus to the diverse creative tasks and leaves self-possessed and full of exciting, empowering stories.” – Artist and Parent